1060 Cherry Street, Plymouth, Michigan 48170, United States

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Meet Dr. Balog


Dr. Balog earned her clinical degrees at the University of Northern Iowa and her Ph.D. at Purdue University. She maintains both her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech -Language Hearing Association (ASHA - www.asha.org) and her license from the Michigan State Board of Speech-Language Pathology. She is an active member of the Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA - www.michiganspeechhearing.org), where she formerly served as President. She also served as a Board Member and President of the Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation Board. She was recently awarded the Honors of the Association by MSHA in 2019. 


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  •  From the parents of school-age child: ​​
    • Dr. Balog has made such a positive contribution to our child's development and our family! From our initial consultation through our child's final appointment with her, Dr. Balog was warm, friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Not only did she make our child feel comfortable during her therapy, but she made us feel confident in supporting her work at home. We've recommended Dr. Balog to friends with children facing similar obstacles and we cannot thank her enough!
  • From the parents of preschool-aged child: ​​ ​​
    • ​Heather was our child's therapist for only a short time, but made a big impact. She treated our whole family with care. She approached our child''s treatment with creativity and fun. He had fun and enjoyed coming to see her each week.

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